Baby Penguins Drowning

Penguins have become such celebrities in movies and on underwear, that the UK Sun is reporting on "the last Emperor" here.  They’re one of the few animals that experience the convergence of Celsius and Fahrenheit at -40 degrees.  However, increased temperatures (leading to less and thinner ice) and overfishing by humans (perhaps from too much […]

Cigar-smoking penguins

I’m guessing that these penguins are supposed to indicate that it’s winter time (at least in the northern hemisphere), but they otherwise make no sense (click to enlarge): This web page is from the company that brought us the worst print ad of the year.  You can see the same creepy guy in the lower […]

Smithsonian Magazine ~ Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques, a leading "Young Innovator"

The Fall 2007 issue of Smithsonian Magazine features a cover story on the America’s 37 young innovators under the age of 36.  Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of famed explorer and environmental activist Jacques Cousteau, is one of the 37 people.  Like others in his family, he works to help protect and save rivers and oceans […]

Chocolate ~ the one product that isn’t advertised with paradise ~ even though it’s grown there

Chocolate is rarely advertised with paradise, even though cocoa is actually grown in tropical places. Mounds and Almond Joy are the obvious exclusions, as they are actually marketed more as coconut with chocolate than chocolate with coconut. But cocoa is grown in fairly warm climates and rarely gets credit for it. Some of the confusion […]

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