Acuvue lets you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Acuvue Oasys is a moisture-giving contact lens that purportedly allows you to venture places that other contacts cannot take you, like snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia: This ad had other places including the wilds of Africa, but this image was the main one.

Sunscreen killing off coral ~ 10% of reefs in danger

A few years ago, while on a scuba-diving trip to the Red Sea, I looked at a friend of mine who was sunbathing and told her that you could make a killing promoting "Coral-Safe Sunblock."  She freaked at me because she wasn’t wearing any.  Then she suddenly realized that no such product existed.  I looked […]

Pharmaceutical companies spend more on ‘placeless’ ads than research and development

We’ve talked at some length on this blog about the placeless places used in pharmaceutical ads.  Would you believe that the industry spends more on those ads than they do on research and development?  One study suggests so.

Obama jokes about Viagra in campaign speeches

Whether you’re into Barack Obama or not, he made a Rapidsea worthy comment about drug companies.  He said: "A whole bunch of these profits are going into these TV ads where you don’t even know what the ads are for… There are people running in fields and they are all dancing.  Actually, that is not […]

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