White Cat Brand Inhaler ~ Breathe in the tropics

Small towns can reveal some of the most interesting products.  This picture was taken in a little shop in Orland, Maine: I have never heard of this product before.  What exactly could a small plastic tube contain that transports you to the tropics?  You can sense all four seasons if you believe this display, or […]

A must see ~ paradise can destroy your liver and maybe even kill you

Halloween has past, but the fright continues.  The scariest website on the Internet might just be TravelSafely.com, which is a site advertising Hepatitis A and B vaccines by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  Just swimming in that pool can lead to disease according to this weird doctor-like, lab-coating-wearing public informant. The most shocking part of the site is […]

CVS happy-place, caregiver ad that Bob Garfield says "makes you want to puke"

Bob Garfield, blogger/critic at Advertising Age, really hates the new CVS ad with this happy little scene in it:   He says of it, "…how often it is that you see a TV commercial that makes you want to puke?  Well done, CVS. … You want your customers to love you. Alas, flattery will get […]

Tiger Balm YouTube Contest ~ Hawaii or $5,000

A contest that hasn’t gotten too much publicity to date is the Tiger Balm YouTube contest where you are supposed to post your videos on how you get sore muscles and are fixed with Tiger Balm.  The prize for the video with the most votes is either a trip to Hawaii or $5,000 to spend […]

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