Find the treasure ~ lower my bills has this animated Flash auto insurance ad floating out there (found on Those look like pirate ships to me.  Do you really want to represent your company as a couple of pirate ships on a treasure hunt?  And those creatures jumping out of the water could be sharks.  Even the best case scenario […]

US Pirate Party Endorses Barack Obama

The US Pirate Party has officially endorsed Barack Obama.  Their PDF press release can be found here.

Lego Aqua Raiders

One of the great toy finds of the year is definitely the Lego Aqua Raiders sets.  Here’s one with an amazing Lego skeleton in the lower right-hand corner: I wonder if it draws its inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean on some level.  I’d like to think that Disney doesn’t dictate most toy evolutions. The […]

Disneycemetery ~ People scattering remains at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’

There is a group of people who think that it’s okay to spread ashes at Disney’s theme parks according to this article. Apparently, the most recent incident happened on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride where a woman claimed she was putting baby powder into the water.

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