Lei’ing down the line in Congress on health insurance reform

Which came first, the political insult with the lei or the political insult about the lei?  In a segment called “The Men Who Stare at Votes,” Jon Stewart took Rep. Michele Bachmann to task for her comment about a Hawaiian couple who came to Washington to help stop the health insurance reform bill: “Last Friday […]

Crayola Crayon Color Names ~ Rain = Pain

In case you wanted more feeling from the images that are thrust in front of you and your kids every day, Crayola has taken steps to give it to you with its new color names.  Three of them are relevant here: Best Friends, Fun in the Sun, and Super Happy.  Here they are from their […]

Tiffany conch and diamond Chrysanthemum Brooch ~ what do you call an octopus with 31 legs?

If you think that this Tiffany & Co. brooch looks more like an octopus than a chrysanthemum, your instincts might not be too far off:   Its petals are carved from a single conch shell, and the piece has an exquisite and rare conch diamond weighing in at 25 carats.   This is one of those […]

Ford Escape Hybrid ‘most fuel-efficient SUV’

You wouldn’t know that this opening shot of a Flash ad from NationalGeographic.com is for an SUV: Just because a car is more fuel efficient than others doesn’t make it fuel efficient or green.  But Ford wants us to believe that the Escape literally sits in a beautiful field of sunflowers: I’m not buying it.  […]

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