Poinsettia ~ Did you know?

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima), the popular holiday plant that appears in wintry white places across the country, is actually a warm-weather, sub-tropical coastal plant from the Pacific side of the Americas.  The red parts of the plant are actually not the flowers; they’re bracts.  The yellow part contains the flower. The use of poinsettias in Christmas […]

The Dutch might build a tulip-shaped island

According to Emma Thomasson at the UK’s Guardian, some people in the Netherlands are pushing a Dubai-like plan to build an island in the shape of a tulip.  Unlike the other islands that are being built exclusively for (terrible) aesthetic reasons, those involved with this one say that it’s supposedly to help flooding problems, along […]

The BASF Biodegradable plastic bag flower

The scale of an object is such an important element in any photo.  I was proud of this Ecoflex plastic bag flower ad find from BASF in which they tout their new biodegradable plastics: Then someone saw the ad on my desk and said she was appalled by what she thought the yellow center was.  […]

White Cat Brand Inhaler ~ Breathe in the tropics

Small towns can reveal some of the most interesting products.  This picture was taken in a little shop in Orland, Maine: I have never heard of this product before.  What exactly could a small plastic tube contain that transports you to the tropics?  You can sense all four seasons if you believe this display, or […]

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