Dear Sweet Pyongyang, Capital of Paradise

This morning’s wanderings take us to North Korea where the eastern terminus of their Hyoksin (“Renovation”) subway line is 낙원, Rakwon or Ragwon, (“Paradise”), thus making the famed North Korean subway/underground bomb shelter a true medium to paradise.  This knowledge came by way of a Foreign Policy photo reportage called “The Land of No Smiles.” […]

Obama was born in Hawai’i ~ which a few argue was/is not part of the United States

According to The Honolulu Advertiser, a handful of people are arguing that Barack Obama, who was born in 1961 (three years after Hawai’i became a state), was not born in the United States. This argument is similar to the nonsense that a very small number of people are spreading about John McCain.  Can we please […]

The surfboard Mitt Romney did not ride all the way to the White House

It seems like only days ago that Mitt Romney was going to ride a surfboard to the White House.   Not this year. Remember when his son tried to take out the press corps on the jet: "One of Romney’s sons, Josh, nearly took out the press corps when he attempted to surf down the […]

“Team Obama refers to the Clinton campaign as ‘Jaws’…”

Maureen Dowd, in an article called "There Will Be Blood" at The New York Times, has this juicy little quote: "Team Obama refers to the Clinton campaign as ‘Jaws’ because ‘just when things are quiet, they keep trying to come back and capsize the boat’."  It’s worth a read.  What’s strange is that I didn’t […]

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