Dead flies at the pool and on the beach

One of the more recent humorous email forwards traveling around contains photos of dead flies with pencil sketches drawn around them to place them in various settings. There are two out of nine (from a greater collection) in the email that I received that are Rapidsea ready. There’s a simple pool scene: And then there’s […]

J.Crew Spring in a Modernist Neutra Setting

J.Crew has taken a strong visual turn with the spring March 2008 catalog: It’s distinct for its use of landscape architecture and architecture to contrast just a hint of what the model is wearing.  There are no happy, jumpy groups of people (at least on the cover) with white linen jackets in stupid little row […]

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

Fortune has spiced up this year’s "The 100 Best Companies to Work For" with lots of escape and scuba.  Even the start of the article on page 61 of the February 4, 2008, issue opens with a profile of, well, not the number one company (Google) but instead with number 88!  Woo hoo!!  Number 88, […]

LapDome? Get off your computer and enjoy your freaking vacation instead

Product ads with paradise settings come along every day. Often times, I’m left wondering if the image is a statement about where the product or service can take you or if the people doing the advertising are hoping that your purchasing the product or service will afford them the lifestyle they depict. The LapDome is […]

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