The world’s largest swimming pool ~ or half of it

Stories of the world’s largest swimming pool in Algarrobo, Chile have been floating around the Internet for months now, but the Daily Mail has published an article with several enlarged pictures that are worth a look.  To give you a preview of just how large it is, well, here’s a picture from Reuters: This is […]

My neighbor just threw her washing machine into her pool from the diving platform ~ in her heels

I was sitting outside on the balcony yesterday overlooking our pool, when suddenly my incredibly strong and bronze neighbor appeared in my peripheral vision. It was hard to miss her because she was wearing a striking yellow dress, heels, and those freaking blindingly reflective super hero bracelets. Imagine my surprise when I also just happened […]

US officials being investigated for $730m US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq ~ $138m overrun

The biggest escape resort in the world currently under construction is the US Embassy in Iraq.  Perhaps nowhere in the world is an American safe zone with a few happy moments more desired.  They call the area "The Green Zone" for a reason.  According to the AP and MSNBC, the embassy itself will sit on […]

A must see ~ paradise can destroy your liver and maybe even kill you

Halloween has past, but the fright continues.  The scariest website on the Internet might just be, which is a site advertising Hepatitis A and B vaccines by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  Just swimming in that pool can lead to disease according to this weird doctor-like, lab-coating-wearing public informant. The most shocking part of the site is […]

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