Escape your nicotine addiction

Few smokers who quit regret the decision, but none have ever proclaimed to feel like a butterfly released from the chains of addiction like this picture portrays (image elements condensed): This is the front cover of a pamphlet from the American Cancer Society to help convince people to stop smoking. The image goes beyond the […]

Giving Free Rice to the Poor ~ Our 250th Post!

While a few economists argue that giving food and aid to poor countries may actually flood the markets and dampen prices, thus restraining economic development, I’m going to err on the side that giving a little is still better than not giving at all.  Tonight I found an easy way to give through a site […] ~ rise from the sea of goodwill

This public service announcement for "Karmalot" at escapes me a bit: I think the message is fantastic and spot on, especially for high school kids who might think that they just need to volunteer to get into college.  The sea scene is a little off if it’s really meant to represent "the universe," but […]

Public Service Announcment ~ Stop Sports Crocs Now!

You might love how comfortable your Crocs are. You might even dare wear them out in public, but never forget that they are still ugly. Get rid of them. And while I thought that Crocs alone were a nightmare, I was then walked hand-in-hand with horror down Elm Street at It was there that […]

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