In the Bush administration’s continued efforts to protect theenvironment, the EPA has officially declared on their website that “beaches are fun.” See the beach page at www.epa.gov/beaches. With thisproclamation, we can all now rest assured that the Executive Branch is keeping on eye on the beaches to ensure that the fun continues for a long, […]

I pledge to keep our oceans clean ~ Disney told me to

A keeper of a “public service announcement” popped up reminding me to keep the ocean clean this morning. I was reading an article about the governor of landlocked Utah and his response to the mine collapse on the Salt Lake Tribune’s website. It made a point that I hadn’t realized: “Oceans Are Part Of Your […]

The Frankenstein Bikini Approach ~ Saving Chinese-made brands

Visually, a common way of scaring people is to take a nice beach or ocean scene and totally bend our perceived perfection of the place. AdAge does that in the following article: AdAge: “Brands Blind to China Crisis ~ Experts Slam Marketers for Sticking Their Heads in the Sand” by Mullman and Neff ~ August […]

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