Self-inflicted failure predicted for the new Zune

The new Zune models will likely fail upon their release November 13th.  This prediction is based on a new Microsoft ad, which is a single mega-multi-pager in the November issue of Complex magazine (pages 47 ~ 51). It’s 5 pages of colors unseen since your college gutter fiasco.  First up, we see that the Zune […]

Pearly white Intel Centrino Duo ~ in a slimy notebook?

Intel has a pearl and oyster ad out touting their Centrino Duo Processor for notebooks. Here it is (click to enlarge): They have gone to great lengths to really pull out the rainbow colors in that chip. It makes me wonder why they couldn’t have come up with something a little less literal relating to […]

Skype raises rates ~ jumps the shark

Skype surprised me yesterday with a significant 58% rate hike for my SkypeIn number, but luckily they were able to distract me enough with this beauty: I have no idea what “Take a deep breath,” Target-like circle clouds, palm trees, cameras (you can barely see it by the palm tree…click it to enlarge), and rainbows […]