Recessions in paradise

Paradise might not care about blackout dates, but businesses there are not immune from heading for the red zone.  Hence this map: It’s from the USA Today article "How’s the economy in your hometown?" I’ve been staring at it a lot and have begun to ponder to what extent paradise marketing had an effect on […]

Hilton Hotels ~ Paradise doesn’t worry about blackout dates

Hilton gives us a new perspective on the beach: It’s like the aerial shots by photographer Vincent Laforet (go to Index > Perspectives > Aerials 2), minus the interesting people everywhere.  Not that people are a huge part of interesting images or anything.  I love the layering of the waves from the palm trees, through […]

Paradise Hotel 2 returns tomorrow ~ even after cast member commits suicide

Brace yourselves.  Paradise Hotel, one of the most ill-conceived irreality television shows of our time, returns on February 4th for a second round.  The show "brings a sexy new cast of singles to a secluded hotel for an adventure-filled experience to win a cash prize," according to E! Online Canada. Pass. Not to mention that […]

Fed cuts rates ~ sustain your unsustainable backyard paradise

Mortgage deal makers have wasted no time latching on to the largest interest rate cut since the mid-80s.  Here’s an ad from that plays on your desire to save your precious little backyard paradise. Nothing about this image says avoid foreclosure.  Instead it seems to say, "Hey! Credit is even cheaper than it was […]

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