Humans are to blame for coral reef degradation

According to AFP and a study released on January 9, 2008, the degradation and destruction of the coral reefs is caused by human settlements, including coastal development and agricultural. The full article on coral reef degradation is available here.

2008 ~ A good or bad year for money?

The realtors and the personal finance magazines are hot on the economy’s recovery.  This issue of Money magazine wants you to know that opportunities exist for the year: They also are secretly pointing out how you might want to spend your money.  That’s a very nice coastal house you’ve got there. I hope that people’s […]

No rescue in sight for the worst housing market in 40 years

How do you sum up the fact that we are facing the worst housing market in 40 years?  Well, you could throw out a cliche image like this life-preserver one: The real problem with this illustration is that it seems to be saying that the market is staying afloat.  Maybe it’s time to let it […]

MGM Grand Paradise Macau

You spend over a billion dollars on a casino resort in one of the most expensive places on earth and you call it "Paradise."  Yawn.  The MGM Grand Paradise in Macau (美高梅金殿澳門) opened its doors on December 18th and 10:50 PM Macau time. True, it’s a beautiful building and a powerhouse of a partnership, but […]

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