Just for Men Haircolor ~ Divorced? Color your hair and head to the beach

Keep an eye out for a new commercial from Just for Men haircolor.  It’s all about dating after divorce and how you need to wash out that gray hair to get back in the game.  The dating in the commercial just happens to take place on the beach and at the tiki bar.  It’s really […]

There is no herpes in paradise ~ with once-a-day Valtrex

Pharmaceutical ads are all over the beach these days. I saw at least four or five on television yesterday for various products. Here’s one from Valtrex that I’ve seen several times: These ads are so strange. You’ve got the BBQ, beach, boardwalk, hammock, and all the other little delicious paradises they can dream up. The […]

Facebook ~ Untangling organic agglomerations of technological chaos or just helping people hook up?

Facebook, when it was first started, was an exclusive club walled off from people who did not go to “elite” schools. Then as it started expanding, it was interesting to see which schools were slowly being considered as elite enough to get in. Before you knew it students who shared the same names wrote each […]

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