High Resolution 3D Interactive Image of the Sistine Chapel ~ Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

If you’re looking for a high-resolution interactive view of the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum has an excellent online site that will blow you away. You’ll be able to zoom in and see even more detail of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, or count the individual pieces in the […]

Is Pocket God really the best app ever, CNN?

CNN has had too many drivel moments lately, so I finally put their site into my site blocker on my router; it was liberating. They recently posted a series of nine “Best iPhone apps,” as voted on by readers of a site called 148apps, and the “Best app ever [for 2009]” went to the kill-the-cute-island-inhabitants […]

Palm Sunday

Churches were filled today for Palm Sunday.  Did you know that at times in the distant past when palm fronds were scarce that it was called "Branch Sunday"?  Today, hundreds of millions of palm fronds are harvested every year for US church ceremonies.  The number is so large that major newspapers have picked up on […]

The Talibanization of Paradise in Pakistan

The Jerusalem Post has an article by Shaheen Buneri called "The Talibanization of Paradise."  It’s worth a read.  Here’s a brief glimpse: "Swat [in Pakistan], peaceful beauty, land of color, roses and gushing rivers, rich in history, home to myriads of Buddhist stupas, idyllic spot for glorious Pashtun traditions of love, peace, and hospitality, until […]

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