Jesus Surfer

It’s Christmas!  And that’s why there are Jesus surfer figurines in the world: These are the creations of Eric Dyson.  This one is called "I Am Spirit."  You can visit this page to see a number of his other creations, including Harley Jesus ("I Am Freedom"). The surfer Jesus was also mentioned in the Denver […]

Honda wants you to rejoice with the van gods and just to respect their van

Last year, this ad from Honda appeared in the July issue of Real Simple magazine: It was meant to appeal to women with families, but I wondered if they had kind of missed their market a bit.  They were even afraid to use the words "Van Gods" without the caps and without the quotation marks.  […]

Korean funerary figures ~ Journey to Grave, Dance to Paradise

Laurel Kendall of the American Museum of Natural History gave a speech on Wednesday night in conjunction with the Korea Society.  The title of the talk was “Journey to the Grave, Dance to Paradise: Shamanic Rituals for the Dead” (available here in MP3 format).  The speech helps to mark the opening of a new exhibit […]

“Welcome to Paradise” ~ a spiritually defunct town

A 2006 feel-good, faith-based film called “Welcome to Paradise” will be released on DVD in early October. It stars Crystal Bernard, of Wings fame, and Brian Dennehy. The premise of the movie is that a pastor from the big city is called to move to the small town of “Paradise” (yes, there are around seven […]

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