Tax Day in the U.S.

If you’re still plugging away at your taxes, you might consider TurboTax if for no other reason than they give you this little "Retirement Distributions" icon: Yet it still feels so far away.

Prudential Rock Solid Retirement

If you’re a company, do you think it would be in your best interest to advertise that you want your customers to walk all over you on their way to the beach?  Prudential said just that in this ad on the back cover of the January issue of Smithsonian magazine: Ah, yes, Prudential is your […]

Retirement ~ the beach allusion and illusion

Paradise retirement images range from the literal beach ads, like this T. Rowe Price one, to this very subtle Charles Schwab colors-only ad: You have the beach, ocean, and clouds here — all in one otherwise hidden image.  The same colors were later adapted and added to other ads.  For example, there is this one […]

T. Rowe Price Beach

Hours of conversation are possible on the topic of retirement, especially where images of paradise are concerned.  We are programmed throughout life by images that tell us that at some point in our lives we’re supposed to stop working and start relaxing, and if we can start relaxing on the beach, we’ll be more fulfilled. […]

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