Accenture Dumps Golfing Tiger for Surfing Elephant

If you Google “dumps Tiger,” half of the front page listings deal with the Accenture corporation. They officially cut ties with him in December 2009, giving a crisp send off in this press release (emphasis added): Accenture Sponsorship Update NEW YORK; Dec. 13, 2009 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today announced that it will not continue […]

Coffee Art

Here’s a new bunch of images I pulled from a coffee art email that’s making the rounds.  There’s the fish: Butterfly: I like the sailboat one in particular: There were several others in the email too. It looks like at least one of these is from Israel.  I would like to credit them properly if […]

Creepiest ad smiles

This ad for Wellesse Glucosamine supplements contains some of the creepiest smiling people I have ever seen: They sure do appear to be enjoying their boating adventure.  There’s a huge SNL "jealous" hiding behind those eyes.  Those fiery life vests are something. This is from The Costco Connection January 2008 page 53.

Liz Claiborne Curve-ball

Oh, you clever Liz Claiborne advertisers.  You thought you’d be really creative with a vintage paradise ad that points out to Complex readers that paradise imagery is ubiquitous and cheesy (click to enlarge): In the end you proved that there’s little creative about mocking a cliche even though you’re one step ahead in knowing that […]

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