Get the most out of life by leaving Bank of America

Today is the day that I make my first attempt to close my accounts at Bank of America.  I say attempt because I know of a person who has tried to get them to deactivate his accounts three times.  I’m doing exactly what they told me to do on their homepage this morning: get the […]

Body cooling is bringing heart attack victims back to life ~ and putting them back on their sailboats

If you haven’t heard about life-saving, body cooling for heart attacks and other injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, be sure to check out this article from Here’s a great quote: “After being dead for a few minutes back in May, Bill along with Monica are now back to enjoying their boating life, with […]

Pirate Politician ~ Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) at his "floating trailer park"

Up until I posted the Pirate Politician Post on Rep. Jerry Weller (R-IL), I had avoided using Larry E. Craig as the first “Pirate Politician” for various (perhaps obvious) reasons, but this week his hypocrisy and lust for luxe have been further exposed. It’s time. I’ll dive right into this post, which was born because […]

The markets are not a stormy sea ~ well, now with Rupert Murdoch they might become one

Now that Rupert Murdoch has taken over Dow Jones, I hope that maybe he’ll do something about this sailboat-on-stormy-market-sea ad.  I have been seeing this one for many months now. Every once in a while you come across ads that make you think that some executive refused to let go of his desire to have […]

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