New genus for the Madagascar palm tree that flowers itself to death

Do you remember that new palm tree species from Madagascar?  It’s the one that essentially flowers itself until it dies.  Well, it’s apparently so different from any other palm species, that they had to create a new genus classification to make room for it on the tree family tree.  More here with another picture and […]

Pharmaceutical companies spend more on ‘placeless’ ads than research and development

We’ve talked at some length on this blog about the placeless places used in pharmaceutical ads.  Would you believe that the industry spends more on those ads than they do on research and development?  One study suggests so.

S.O.S. Breast Cancer Resources

If you haven’t already been touched in your life by breast cancer, there is a good chance that you will be at some point.  I mentioned in a post a while back that my mother was recently diagnosed with the disease and just had what appears to be a successful surgery to remove the cancer.  […]

Rapidsea vocabulary exercise: ‘hoon’ and ‘pinniped’

First up, this article from Australia popped up yesterday: “Police on trail of beach hoons.”  I had no idea what a “hoon” was, but the context provided only a few hints.  Well, after a quick Google definition search extensive research to firm up the definition, “hoon” ends up meaning “a loud, obnoxious person.”  Anyway, the […]

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