Margaritas that bite ~ Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings shows that there’s more than one way to slice a lime: Corona knock off?  Or another round of creative advertising? The text reads: "Margarita Mayem – Five flavors. Frozen or on-the-rocks. Be warned. They bite."

Roy Richard Scheider of Jaws fame dead at 75

Roy Scheider passed away in Arkansas on February 10, 2008.  The news rocketed up to "volcanic" status on Google Trends.  He is best known for his role as Amity Police Chief Martin Brody in Jaws.  He also played Captain Nathan Bridger in SeaQuest DSV. Of course, the fact that he is most famous for his […]

“Team Obama refers to the Clinton campaign as ‘Jaws’…”

Maureen Dowd, in an article called "There Will Be Blood" at The New York Times, has this juicy little quote: "Team Obama refers to the Clinton campaign as ‘Jaws’ because ‘just when things are quiet, they keep trying to come back and capsize the boat’."  It’s worth a read.  What’s strange is that I didn’t […]

Shark Jesus ~ new word ‘parthenogenesis’

  A shark in a Hungarian aquarium shocked a lot of people when it gave birth to a little shark pup without ever coming into contact with a male shark.  Some people are referring to it as the "Jesus Shark."  Virgin birth is known as "parthenogenesis." According to this Telegraph article, "Parthenogenesis, where an egg […]

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