iPhoto Face Recognition ~ An Objective Visual Research Tool?

Automobile lovers have long known the importance of the right smile on the front end of a vehicle, but thanks to iPhoto we can objectively conclude that cruise ship companies share the goal of putting their best face forward. The bow of the Norwegian Dawn popped up as an “Unknown Face” while I was processing […]

Coffee Art

Here’s a new bunch of images I pulled from a coffee art email that’s making the rounds.  There’s the fish: Butterfly: I like the sailboat one in particular: There were several others in the email too. It looks like at least one of these is from Israel.  I would like to credit them properly if […]

Chanel Allure Homme Sport vs Perry Ellis 18

Two men’s cologne ads from the same GQ have similar ocean settings but give off totally different images.  First, you have this fluffy escapist one from Perry Ellis 18: The poor girl looks like she realizes that the fake boyfriend she’s hugging is on the wrong team.  Not again!  Could it be the white drawcord […]

John Mayer sports a Borat thong for his cruise fans

If you dare see John Mayer in the (not suitable for work really) Borat-style thong, click on the cropped image below: This follows on the original John Mayer Mayercraft Carrier post.  I told you it wasn’t a good idea.  The only people that wanted to see him on his cruise were his diehard fans, and […]

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