Customers who bought Liz Claiborne Curve also bought…

After the last post on Liz Claiborne Curve fragrances, I figured that it was important to delve more into the image of a Curve user.  What better place is there than than the Amazon "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section to explore the difference between what the ad tells us to believe about […]

Boston Logan Intl. Airport’s Terminal B Airmall ~ Get your pet to the beach or just shop and dine

If you’re a staunch animal rights supporter, you may be appalled by this image: But come on, despite the anthropomorphism and beach overkill, this dog is cute.  What’s strange is that this is a "Shop & Dine Guide," but spends two folds of the brochure talking about tips for traveling with your pet. And even […]

Gearing up for toy shopping? Amazon’s got a few Rapidsea-ready top sellers

If you have to buy for kids this year and you’re not excited about waking up at 4:00 AM to go wait in line for toys at Target, you may want to consider just going to Amazon’s Holiday Toy List here.  Here’s a selection of Rapidsea-ready toys and games that have either been discussed here […]

Woot sounds off on the Palm Treo 650 ~ did Palm mean for it to sound like "palm tree" or not? is a great little shopping site that features a cool, single, and highly discounted item each day. Woot offers mostly gadgets, but also has a wine site with good deals. Yesterday they had a great little write up on the Palm Treo 650 that I wanted to share with you here. They gave me […]

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