Don’t mess with beaches ~ thoughts on an unnatural disaster

The gushing Louisiana oil well is about to show that paradise is a more powerful force than political allegiances. The Florida coast and islands are threatened. Obama has spent much of his first year+ rushing to the center, presumably building momentum for reelection in 2012. His approval of expanded offshore drilling mostly just fueled consternation […]

Is Pocket God really the best app ever, CNN?

CNN has had too many drivel moments lately, so I finally put their site into my site blocker on my router; it was liberating. They recently posted a series of nine “Best iPhone apps,” as voted on by readers of a site called 148apps, and the “Best app ever [for 2009]” went to the kill-the-cute-island-inhabitants […]

Crayola Crayon Color Names ~ Rain = Pain

In case you wanted more feeling from the images that are thrust in front of you and your kids every day, Crayola has taken steps to give it to you with its new color names.  Three of them are relevant here: Best Friends, Fun in the Sun, and Super Happy.  Here they are from their […]

Rich people starting to “jet pool” to private islands to help save the planet ~ gee, thanks

Necker Island, the private island retreat of Richard Branson, is the global warming locale of the moment as several celebrity-status entrepreneurs and politicians gather there to talk about a world "on fire" according to the International Herald Tribune. The best line of the article is this: "Some of them, like [Google co-founder Larry] Page, carbon-consciously […]

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