Surfwise ~ the story of one 11-member family who left behind their old world to become surf nomads

Doug Pray has a film coming out in May called "Surfwise."  It’s about Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz and the 10 other members of his family who set out on an off-the-grid odyssey in a 24-foot camper.  Here’s one [movie] trailer:   Here’s another trailer at Apple.  Part of the documentary’s description from that site reads: "Like […]

Recessions in paradise

Paradise might not care about blackout dates, but businesses there are not immune from heading for the red zone.  Hence this map: It’s from the USA Today article "How’s the economy in your hometown?" I’ve been staring at it a lot and have begun to ponder to what extent paradise marketing had an effect on […]

South Park Imaginationland ~ the ideal of destructive creativity

People who create comedy from the worlds we live in are a good place to start when thinking about our ideas of ideal places.  Enter the "new feature length DVD movie" called "South Park Imaginationland": There are no weird palm trees, just architectural evidence in which Bavaria meets the Netherlands meets Yemen set in a […]

The Talibanization of Paradise in Pakistan

The Jerusalem Post has an article by Shaheen Buneri called "The Talibanization of Paradise."  It’s worth a read.  Here’s a brief glimpse: "Swat [in Pakistan], peaceful beauty, land of color, roses and gushing rivers, rich in history, home to myriads of Buddhist stupas, idyllic spot for glorious Pashtun traditions of love, peace, and hospitality, until […]

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