Sun Chips ~ Same great taste, unoriginal new packaging

Frito Lay has given Sun Chips a whole new look. The colors are bright and attractive, but the sun-over-the-ocean look is a little tired. The wheat theme is important to the product, and I would almost rather see something like the Bank of America farmland “Jeffersonian” grid logo using these colors. I may feel somewhat […]

Free private island from Sprint ~ only costs you $10.5 million for the BlackBerry

Sprint has done some really nice things with their “Sprint speed” light drawing campaign. I have been searching for signs of gratuitous paradise in their commercials for a while now, and they have pretty much avoided adding in the fluff of palm trees. The closest that I came to was a light-drawn sun as a […]

Star Gazing in Italy ~ Why the Sun Shines

The article “Princeton scientists confirm longheld theory aboutsource of sunshine” states: “Our observations [of low-energy solar neutrinos] essentially confirm that we understand how the sun shines,” said Frank Calaprice, a professor of physics and principal investigator of the Princeton team. “Physicists have had theories regarding the nuclear reactions within the sun for years, but direct […]

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