Apple iPad ~ Surfboard Dog

Following on the success of a skateboarding dog selling iPods, a surfing dog from YouTube has made its way into the Apple iPad marketing package: “Buddy the Surfing Dog” (if that is indeed the dog pictured above) is admittedly cute, but is that poor little guy really enjoying the experience? It makes you think that […]

Ashton Kutcher Escapes Home to a Saturday Night Live Paradise

Ashton Kutcher hosted Saturday Night Live on February 6, 2010. His monologue focused on how mature he has become at the age of 32. Then YouTubesque visual delicacies send him back to his animal core. It starts with a dog on a surfboard: And moves on from there to Superman enjoying a “daiquiri” in a […]

Tommy Hilfiger sums up prep in 10 easy points

This photo from the May 2009 issue of Details drew me into an article about Tommy Hilfiger, or rather an article about what Tommy thinks of preppy style. How could you not be drawn into this one with that hot surfboard and Jeep? Not to mention that prepped out, but desaturated, rocker T-shirt and, oh, […]

Economic(s) Research Associates ~ Surf Experience

Economics Research Associates "is an international consulting firm working primarily in real estate, entertainment and leisure, and land use policy and planning."  They are a competent and renowned firm. For their website, they have a nice little transitional Flash opener on the website, which starts out with a guy standing on a surfboard with a […]

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