Dangerous surfing?

Click on the beautiful image below to decide whether or not that surfer is planning on going back into the water: Run? The photo was captured by Felipe Antonio Caramori.

Surfwise ~ the story of one 11-member family who left behind their old world to become surf nomads

Doug Pray has a film coming out in May called "Surfwise."  It’s about Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz and the 10 other members of his family who set out on an off-the-grid odyssey in a 24-foot camper.  Here’s one [movie] trailer:   Here’s another trailer at Apple.  Part of the documentary’s description from that site reads: "Like […]

The surfboard Mitt Romney did not ride all the way to the White House

It seems like only days ago that Mitt Romney was going to ride a surfboard to the White House.   Not this year. Remember when his son tried to take out the press corps on the jet: "One of Romney’s sons, Josh, nearly took out the press corps when he attempted to surf down the […]

The great surfer interview ~ stereotypes die hard

  "You just drop in…you just ride the barrel and get pitted, so pitted like that." The surf gods are in pain. I hope that Alanis Morissette will make this video into a totally intense song.

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