South Park Imaginationland ~ the ideal of destructive creativity

People who create comedy from the worlds we live in are a good place to start when thinking about our ideas of ideal places.  Enter the "new feature length DVD movie" called "South Park Imaginationland": There are no weird palm trees, just architectural evidence in which Bavaria meets the Netherlands meets Yemen set in a […]

Paradise Hotel 2 returns tomorrow ~ even after cast member commits suicide

Brace yourselves.  Paradise Hotel, one of the most ill-conceived irreality television shows of our time, returns on February 4th for a second round.  The show "brings a sexy new cast of singles to a secluded hotel for an adventure-filled experience to win a cash prize," according to E! Online Canada. Pass. Not to mention that […]

Forces of Nature ~ Volcanoes: The Exploding Earth

Today I received in the mail a DVD/booklet for the Discovery Channel and IMP DVD subscription series Forces of Nature.  This particular DVD is called "Volcanoes."  This blog writes itself. Why wouldn’t volcanoes be the most enticing "force of nature" to lure people into buying your whole series?  Volcanoes make us feel like hell is […]

Lost’s Oceanic Airlines ad campaign ~ viral or vile?

ABC has a viral campaign out featuring Oceanic Airlines, the television fantasy airline from the show Lost.  Here’s one of the ads:   I can appreciate a viral campaign, but fake airplane crashes made to seem more real than they should make this one seem a little misplaced. You can see the "official" Oceanic Airlines […]

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