If you had to choose between eye sight and islands

Here’s a special new ad from CareCredit (click to enlarge): What makes this one interesting is that they’re not trying to equate LASIK with a tropical island, just telling you that you can have both good eye sight and a tropical vacation.  CareCredit offers financing for healthcare procedures that insurance doesn’t necessarily cover.  It is […]

Travel vocabulary ~ ‘la langosta blanca’ or ‘the white lobster’

Be careful if you’re in Bluefields in Nicaragua.  If you hear the locals chatting about "la langosta blanca," they’re not referring to the rare albino lobster pictured above.  They’re talking about the catch of the day: cocaine jettisoned from speed boats that are being chased by drug enforcement officers.  Read about it here at the […]

Uncle Sam no longer Berkeley’s travel agent

Protesters in Berkeley are dressed in pink and taking on the Marines.  One poster that appeared on the street was photographed by Jim Castel.  He caught some of the anti-military mood in this very successful picture that probably won’t be used as a recruitment image by the military anytime soon: This image pushes us back […]

Paradise Hotel 2 returns tomorrow ~ even after cast member commits suicide

Brace yourselves.  Paradise Hotel, one of the most ill-conceived irreality television shows of our time, returns on February 4th for a second round.  The show "brings a sexy new cast of singles to a secluded hotel for an adventure-filled experience to win a cash prize," according to E! Online Canada. Pass. Not to mention that […]

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