New Rapidsea section: Out to See ~ News & Views

Too many articles dock at my desk in a day to post as Rapidsea entries, so "Out to See ~ News & Views" will serve as a quick link to outside articles, posts, and images that I hope you’ll find interesting.  Enjoy!

Rapidsea is two months old today

In the same vein as our Atlantic magazine happy anniversary post, the much younger Rapidsea blog is two months old today. It’s 168 posts strong and growing. The RSS subscriptions are all over the place, mostly because people don’t really know what to expect I’m sure (sorry if you left because you were offended by […]

Site Updates

I have updated the site and brought in the old posts.  Most of the links that were in the original posts have not been republished.  That will happen another day.  For now, I return home from Washington, D.C. tonight and have a bunch of new finds from my trip.  The District is a veritable paradise […]

Commuting the blog…

Okay, so the long weekend has started.  I just got the design back to normal.  With the commute from TypePad, I missed out on writing on some amazing things that I will hopefully get to very soon.  Thanks for your patience.  The old posts are coming back soon!

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