Dear Sweet Pyongyang, Capital of Paradise

This morning’s wanderings take us to North Korea where the eastern terminus of their Hyoksin (“Renovation”) subway line is 낙원, Rakwon or Ragwon, (“Paradise”), thus making the famed North Korean subway/underground bomb shelter a true medium to paradise.  This knowledge came by way of a Foreign Policy photo reportage called “The Land of No Smiles.” […]

Imperial Junkie ~ jeans for urban paradise?

Nothing says "urban street wear" like a bunch of cliche exotic animals in an ad: I’m in the bayou.  Oh wait, maybe it’s the jungle.  Or am I in a meadow with my butterfly net?  I’m floating like an imperial junkie. Ouch!!  The monkey bit me.  Am I wearing women’s jeans?  Oh, look, a pretty […]

AP: ‘An unloved new island in Maldives’

Associated Press write Matthew Rosenberg has a new article called "An unloved new island in Maldives."  The article talks about the island of Hulhumalé that the government of the Maldives built near the airport and the capital of Male.  They can’t seem to attract people to live there according to the article.  Of course, this […]

Dubai ~ replacing New York as the center of the 21st-century world?

If you’re at all interested in Dubai, you may want to pick up a copy of the November 2007 issue of Metropolis magazine.  The issue is easy to find; it has a huge skyscraper on it, the Burj Dubai: The cover design is great.  It shows the printer’s marks at the top to illustrate that […]

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