Honolulu ~ one of "the world’s 10 most liveable cities" according to Intl. Herald Tribune

Honolulu has been named one of the world’s "Ten Most Liveable Cities" by the International Herald Tribune.  It is the only US city on the list.  Its company includes Helsinki, Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Madrid.  I have to say that I’m a little shocked that Honolulu would be named in this list.  I love it as […]

Dubai Megaprojects ~ A great interactive map showing trilobites marketed as palm trees

Follow this link to a little interactive map providing a great overview of the many megaprojects in Dubai.  I have to say the sandfill developments look more like trilobites than palm trees.  Let’s call them Dubailobites.

Should corporations be allowed to write off their beach houses as expenses on their taxes?

I was just listening in the background to the Extra Hollywood gossip show, and I overheard that LG has a beach house in Malibu.  After a quick search, it appears that so does Polaroid, and apparently their neighbors nearby don’t like the parties, as reported here at the Real Estate Bloggers. Who cares if they’re […]

Lowe’s household goods ~ unexpected paradise in the desert

More and more, images of desert paradise are being pushed on us.  Much of it has stemmed from the push to get us to buy homes in Arizona.  This ad from Lowe’s appears to use an image from the Moab, Utah area for the landscape in the background. The deserts of Utah have yet to […]

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