Google’s Earth Day paradise wishes

If ever you needed an image that summarizes what we wish the world still were, Google dropped this holiditty today: Sweet waterfalls and coral reefs are all the earth has left to love?  These are sad times if so. That cold, freshwater runoff might not be terribly conducive to the perfect tropical sea life below […]

Surfwise ~ the story of one 11-member family who left behind their old world to become surf nomads

Doug Pray has a film coming out in May called "Surfwise."  It’s about Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz and the 10 other members of his family who set out on an off-the-grid odyssey in a 24-foot camper.  Here’s one [movie] trailer:   Here’s another trailer at Apple.  Part of the documentary’s description from that site reads: "Like […]

South Park Imaginationland ~ the ideal of destructive creativity

People who create comedy from the worlds we live in are a good place to start when thinking about our ideas of ideal places.  Enter the "new feature length DVD movie" called "South Park Imaginationland": There are no weird palm trees, just architectural evidence in which Bavaria meets the Netherlands meets Yemen set in a […]

Lost Season Four Trailer

The TV show lost will be reappearing in February on ABC.  Here’s the trailer for the new season:   Is it going to be worth watching?

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