Is there enough of the good life to go around?

According to the Telegraph article "Beachfront property: All year in the sun, all day on the beach – all yours for £55,000," apparently "a villa by the sea, where you step out from your garden straight on to the sand, is how nearly half of us visualise our perfect holiday [vacation] home."  This information comes […]

Disneycemetery ~ People scattering remains at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’

There is a group of people who think that it’s okay to spread ashes at Disney’s theme parks according to this article. Apparently, the most recent incident happened on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride where a woman claimed she was putting baby powder into the water.

Australian beer "Brewtopia" ~ breaking up the beautiful people’s party

Reality busts through to Brewtopia in this Pure Blonde beer ad from Australia, brought to our attention by way of Duncan’s TV Ad Land: This beer is apparently a full-alcohol beer with fewer carbs from Fosters.  The commercial is pretty entertaining.  There’s nothing like shaking up the ideal.  But it goes back to exactly the […]

Aqua-sprawl ~ will Federation Island also have 11 time zones?

Shame on Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat for proving, once again, that many architects aren’t afraid to stoop to doing jobs that (most) landscape architects and planners know better not to do. He’s designing an 865-acre (350-hectare) project for a major Russian development on the Black Sea. It’s a Russia-shaped infill island of pure sailboat […]

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