Environmental Graffiti partial to volcanism

It’s always good to know what gets a media company such as a popular blog up in the mornings, and Environmental Graffiti revealed a bit about themselves in a post with tons of photos of volcanoes with lightning.  They write: At Environmental Graffiti, we’re a bit partial towards all things volcanic. Smouldering fumaroles, bubbling mud […]

Get Lost ~ the island doesn’t want you here

Remember the story about the new volcanic island Hunga Ha’apai forming near Tonga in March 2009?  Here’s the video:   The strange part is that one man decided to be (perhaps?) the first person to take a step on it.  His story is crazy enough that you would think he would get the hint that […]

Volvic ~ what exactly is this ‘Volcanicity’?

In early March, AdForum had a Focus section on "Birds."  That’s a prime topic in which to find a paradise-inspired landscape.  I found one in this featured Volvic ad from 2007: There are so many weird cross-cultural and trans-landscape things happening in this video.  Whether you’re talking about "your birds" (which are actually dinosaurs, but […]

Forces of Nature ~ Volcanoes: The Exploding Earth

Today I received in the mail a DVD/booklet for the Discovery Channel and IMP DVD subscription series Forces of Nature.  This particular DVD is called "Volcanoes."  This blog writes itself. Why wouldn’t volcanoes be the most enticing "force of nature" to lure people into buying your whole series?  Volcanoes make us feel like hell is […]

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