Keith Ledger shocker! But who the hell is Keith Ledger?

People are so distraught about the death of their beloved Keith Ledger that they have pushed his name to the number two spot on Google Trends with a full “Volcanic” rating of hotness: He comes in just under the slightly more famous Heath Ledger who also just died in what appears to be a tragic […]

Volcanic eruption in Antarctica ~ 2,200 years ago

Richard Black with the BBC has an article discussing evidence that scientists have found that there was an eruption that broke through the ice of Antarctica about 2,200 years ago.  Here’s the article.

The LOLcano

Here’s an image that popped up from this link on Image Shack: It struck me as funny.

Alaskan Volcanoes

If most of your thoughts about volcanoes center around places like Hawaii, you may want to jaunt over to this post for a glimpse at some snow-covered Alaskan monster mountains.  Here’s a sneak "peak" at one called Kanaga: Rapidsea is already hosted inside a volcano, but moving to Kanaga above or Augustine below (by Dennis […]

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