John McCain ~ Iraq ‘some kind of day at the beach’

After the ACLU’s tropical paradise anti-Gitmo ad with the missing quote, another politically charged image popped up concerning John McCain’s stance on the war in Iraq, this one referring to a "day at the beach" (click to enlarge): McCain is quoted as saying on CNN in August 2006: "The American people … were led to […]

Close Guantánamo Bay

The American Civil Liberties Union is floating around this new image for their close the Guantánamo Bay prison campaign: They quote Vice President Dick Cheney as saying, "They’re living in the tropics… They’ve got everything they could possibly want."  It goes on to say that "Torture and indefinite detention are shamefully un-American."  Finally, they encourage […]

Navy ~ bomb sniffing dogs don’t work underwater

While not quite as amazing as the Navy footprints on the beach commercial, this print ad, from the December 2007 issue of Motor Trend, gets the point across by featuring a piece of technology that few have seen.  The ad is interesting enough to make you want to know more about everything the Navy does.  […]

The Edge of the World ~ or the middle of the Indian Ocean ~ Gail Vida Hamburg

A new novel called The Edge of the World by Gail Vida Hamburg is being pushed around in web ads.  Here are the stills of a Flash banner that I pulled apart and reassembled in one image: It’s a pretty big stretch to put your book in the category of the biggies like Slaughterhouse Five […]

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